I have never worked at a place that cares about their employees the way Brookstone acres does.

The facility feels welcoming, has good energy in the air, gives the feeling that every employee is giving their best to make it a great place to work. It gives residents a peaceful environment to live in.

When I came in for my interview, I remember thinking wow what a welcoming place. I didn’t get that at my old facility. I remember telling my mom and boyfriend that I was so excited and hoped to get the job because Brookstone was the place I wanted to be. Recently I had worked a morning shift on 200 and that was my hall to start on, so it felt so good to be back. Everyone I worked with that morning was so nice and caring.

Every morning, we start our day with an inspirational and very motivational quote that ties into our MVV’S. It gives me inner peace and strength that I am in the best place to best utilize my skills.

HR does a great job with staff appreciation. Management is approachable.

I love how we all work together and have fun too!

 I love how everyone is so cheerful and they always have fun little games or prizes people can win for doing good things.

One thing I like is how they celebrate holidays with the residents. Halloween for example last year was great.

I feel like management and staff genuinely care about each other and want to take care of our residents to the best of our abilities.

My mood always becomes better every time I enter this building! I love the staff and the people I’m able to care for.

It feels like home, I say this because we connect with the people who stay here. We have fun from dancing to music to being there for them when they cry.

The management makes it amazing here! They are always so friendly and helpful.

Leadership often puts on activities for staff to participate in and will have treats for the workers.

So thankful to work for VSL! Love this company and the MVVs!

The whole team takes time to introduce themselves and show you exactly what needs to be done and how to do it with patience.

Even though I don’t use the benefits here, I know they are wonderful. I am only able to work part-time, but I still feel valued.

Our management team always gives good feedback to our team and always shares a smile with everyone they talk to.

The number of ”things” they offer staff is amazing, from food, to gift cards, or prizes etc. The way they make you feel within this company and making you feel important is huge!

Brookestone has the positivity of staff, and they have a great team that I have come proud to have. The residents are more at home and happy with how much we care for every individual.

I have a relationship with management (example: they know your name) I’ve worked at plenty of places where I’ve felt like just a number. That isn’t the case here. I’ve felt like I fit in since day one.

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